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What is Calcium Chloride?

What is Calcium Chloride, It would be a chemical compound with the formulation of CaCl2 that Would be one Calcium Cation and two Chlorine.  This product of PETRO-ACC appearance would be white color and granular form.  CaCl2 consists of Calcium and Chloride that is mostly companied with two water molecular (CaCl2 × H2O). This combination [...]

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PE WAX (Polyethylene Wax) VS Paraffin Wax

PE WAX (Polyethylene wax) is a low molecular weight polyethylene that is well known as Polymer Wax. Polyethylene Wax has most useful Wax features such as: Low molecular weight, Low viscosity, High hardness, and High melting point. These features of PE WAX made it good choice as an additive and Lubricant in a lot of [...]

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