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Welcome To Petro-Acc

Aras petrochemical Company (PETRO ACC) is a chemical raw materials supplier providing technical service and quality products to numerous manufacturing industries.

PETRO ACC, with headquarters in IRAN, covers the Far east, Europe, Middle east and Africa.

Stocking warehouses are located in Tehran, IRAN.
PETRO ACC Company is actively involved in the Responsible Distribution Program. We are committed to delivering products and services to our customers in a timely manner that consistently meets their specifications and satisfies their expectations. By acting responsibly in all aspects of business, we can satisfy our customers through continuous improvement.

Our production advantage:

In the field of  hypochlorite sodium, we have several advantage. such as: Standard (industrial) ISIRI2361, Standard (drinking water) ISIRI8394, Four easy to use of packing, taking into account high tone and competitive price.

In the field of Caustic soda flake or Caustic soda pearl we have several advantage such as: considering high mood _ minimum 99%, build by nickel blade, ready to tackle after payment and competitive price.

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Why Petro-Acc

International Petro Chemical producer Company of different grades of Caustic soda flake or Caustic soda pearl with best export services to all countries of the world with high quality…

Operational services such as supplying Caustic soda liquid as raw material to our esteemed clients, for manufacturing and producing industrial and non industrial products …

Providing high quality Calcium Chloride with high quality packing and our own brand and logos (for some type of productions) and review the authentication of the companies in Iran as well as performing all customs services for export.