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Project Description

Caustic soda Liquid uses electrolysis method which result in pure liquid caustic-soda and free of metal impurities, and are marketed in two types: 30% -33% and 48% -50%; which are according to global Standards and conventional caustic-Soda of industrial consumer units

Name Caustic soda Liquid
Manufacturer PETRO-ACC
Product Code SLS3298
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Material Safety Data Sheet
Sodium hydroxide MSDS
Product Name Sodium hydroxide
Catalog Codes SLS3298, SLS1081, SLS2503, SLS3925,
CAS# 1310-73-2
RTECS WB4900000
TSCA  TSCA 8(b) inventory: Sodium hydroxide
Synonym Caustic Soda
Chemical Name Sodium Hydroxide
Chemical Formula  NaOH
Potential Acute Health Effects  Very hazardous in case of skin contact (corrosive, irritant, permeator), of eye contact (irritant, corrosive), of ingestion,of inhalation. The amount of tissue damage depends on length of contact. Eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness. Skin contact can produce inflammation and blistering. Inhalation of dust will produce irritation to gastro-intestinal or respiratory tract, characterized by burning, sneezing and coughing. Severe over-exposure can produce lung damage, choking,unconsciousness or death. Inflammation of the eye is characterized by redness, watering, and itching. Skin inflammation is characterized by itching, scaling, reddening, or, occasionally, blistering.
Potential Chronic Health Effects CARCINOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available.DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Not available. The substance is toxic to lungs. Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage. Repeated exposure of the eyes to a low level of dust can produce eye irritation. Repeated skin exposure can produce local skin destruction, or dermatitis. Repeated inhalation of dust can produce varying degree of respiratory irritation or lung damage.
Eye Contact Check for and remove any contact lenses. In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Cold water may be used. Get medical attention immediately.

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Caustic-Soda Liquid use for

Caustic-soda, or sodium hydroxide, mostly used by industry and chemical manufacturing companies. Some fields unpleasant-soda use for:

  • Refineries Alumina
  • plastic wrap
  • Soaps and cleaners
  • Detergent
  • Textile management
  • Oil refining
  • Water treatment
  • Metal running

Caustic-Soda Liquid Formula

Caustic-soda  / Sodium hydroxide ( NaOH), purity / mass: Min. 50.50
Chlorides / NaCl, purity / mass: Max. 0.10
Caustic-soda  / Sodium carbonate / Na2CO3, purity / mass, Max. 0.40


Technical Specifications of Liquid
Purity of sodium hydroxide (NaOH)_%W Min 48
Carbonate as Na2CO3_%W Max 0.5
Chloride as NaCl_%W Max 0.03
Sulfate as Na2SO4_%W Max 0.007
Silicate as SiO2_%W Max 0.01
Fe_mg/kg Max 10
Insoluble in water Max 0.05
Aluminum as Al2O3 Max 10
Heavy metals as Pb Max 10
Hg_mg/kg Max 0.1
Arsenic as As2O3_mg/kg Max 1
Appearance colorless, clear,Free of Sediment and Suspended particles


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