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LABSA or Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid due to its low price and its High efficiency and biocompatibility due to having a linear chain would be one of the most widely used anionic surfactants. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is normally known as sulfonic acid and it would be a thick and brown liquid with an Acidic Appearance.

Manufacturer PETRO-ACC
Product Code PTLA7869
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Material Safety Data Sheet of LABSA
Product Name Linear benzene sulfonic acid
Product Codes PTLA7869
CAS# 27176-87-0
TSCA  TSCA 8(b) inventory: Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid
Synonym LABSA
Chemical Name Linear benzene sulfonic acid
Chemical Formula  C18H30SO3
Potential Acute Health Effects
Causes skin burns. Do not get this material in contact with skin.
Causes burns. Prolonged inhalation may be harmful. Do not breathe dust/fume/gas/mist/vapors/spray.
Potential Chronic Health Effects May be harmful if swallowed. Components of the product may be absorbed into the body by

ingestion. Ingestion may produce burns to the lips, oral cavity, upper airway, esophagus and

possibly the digestive tract. Do not ingest.

Eye Contact Causes eye burns. Risk of serious damage to eyes. Do not get this material in contact with eyes.

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LABSA Technical Details

This anionic surfactant has hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. These materials are non-volatile compounds produced by the sulfonation process. These compounds consist of a mixture of carbon chains with a length of 10 to 14 carbons a phenyl group is also attached to it with a sulfone group in the para position. The properties of alkyl benzene sulfonates depend on the length of the alkane chain, which gives them different functionalities. Surfactants are used in industry to increase the contact of polar and non-polar phases, such as oil with water or water with minerals. 

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate mainly for household detergents including Laundry detergent, washing liquid, dishwashing liquid, and other household cleaners and other industrial applications are used.

The hydrogen atom causes the compound to become acidic Like hydrogen, a carboxylic acid. It is important to note that carboxylic acids are weak acids With a resolution of about 5-10 while sulfonic acids are strong acids with a resolution of approx 2-10. Since sulfonic acid is very acidic and they are generally present in the form of salt and are therefore completely soluble in water.

Sulfonic acid, due to its special molecular structure, can dissolve fats and remove dirt and grease from the washing environment. Various surfactants are produced in the world and are used in a variety of detergent products. If you read the label of a dishwashing liquid or shampoo. You will find that some of the ingredients on these labels are present in most detergent products.

Labsa is a widely used surfactant that is used in most formulations of shampoos, dishwashing liquids, dishwashing liquids, and many others.

LABSA Applications 

LABSA, mostly used by industries such as:

Detergent manufacturing industries (Soaps and cleaners like: Laundry detergent, washing liquid, dishwashing liquid, Car wash liquids, hard surface cleaners,…)
Painting industries
Pharmaceutical industry
Battery industry
As catalyst
Latex producing
Textile washing

We are exporting Labsa to many destinations every share of behind more the world, such as Middle East, African and Europe countries, by the best character and the most competitive price.

LABSA Formulation

LABSA or Sulfonic acid is a brown, viscous liquid with the molecular formula HSO3R, which can be alkyl. Sulfonic acid is a non-volatile acid, soluble in water and absorbent. Sulfonic acids are the most important components of the family of sulfurous organic compounds, which contain one sulfur and two oxygenes, also hydroxides attached to sulfur. Alkyl benzene sulfonic acid is used in the detergent formula as an anionic washing agent.

Chemical formula of LABSA or Sulfonic acid: C6H7NO3S

Appearance: Brown liquid

Density of sulfonic acid at 25 ° C 0.98% g/cm³.

LABSA Packing

LABAS must be packed in 220 kg drums and for export, every 4 drums must place on pallets after that loading in containers, or loaded on trucks.


Technical Specifications of LABSA
Form Viscose Liquid
Color Light Brown Klett
Color at 30 ºc Max 40
Anionic Active Min 96%
Free Oil Max 2%
Free Sulfuric Acid Max 1.8%
Acidity 178 – 190 mg koH/gr
Water Max 0.5%
Molecular Weight 322 gr/mol



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