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Aras Petrochemical Company as producer of Chemical raw Materials and other important Petrochemical products would be one of the main suppliers who providing technical service and high quality Chemical products specially in the base of Caustic Soda Flakes, Calcium Chloride, LABSA, PE WAX and also in Petroleum Products such as Bitumen , Oxidized Bitumen, Gilsonite and Petroleum Jelly for using in many basically industries.
PETRO ACC, has Offices in Turkey, Dubai and China too for covering the Far East, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.
PETRO ACC, warehouse of Petrochemical products, Petroleum products and other our company chemical products located near the borders and ports and this made us offer very competitive prices and have access to all transport services for domestic sales and have the ability for exporting to any other country with lowest time and lower transport fee and final competitive prices for petrochemical products.

Only customer requests and need would be important for Petro Acc Decisions, and we will provide only products that are standard and have High quality. 

All of the company’s stakeholders act as a core And our staff is committed to continuously improving the quality of Petro Acc products. We are providing training, support and encouragement for our staff to provide better service and increase the quality of Petro Acc products.

PETRO-ACC would be one of the biggest suppliers of petrochemical products, after buying from PETRO-ACC you will have good experience from our products quality and good services.

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