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Caustic Soda Flake Analysis

Caustic soda flake Analysis of PETRO-ACC would be between 98% till 99% and its According last international standard. we will guarantee our Caustic soda flake (Caustic soda pearl) that have no impurity with best packing quality with lowest air penetration, Our Caustic soda flake produced from Caustic soda liquid and Doses would be according Most [...]

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Caustic soda flake packing

Caustic soda flake packing have different kind but there is very important item that must noted, this item is transporting and storing the sodium hydroxide flake if packing of sodium hydroxide flake have low quality the moisture of weather will penetrate into sodium hydroxide packing so the caustic soda flake will stick together and will [...]

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Caustic soda flake Production

Caustic soda flake production process mostly would be from electrolysis of aqueous solution of Na Cl or Brine in one kind of electrolytic containers. For example in Mercury cell process will using from a stream of mercury as Cathode and produced Sodium will combine with water and will produce Sodium hydroxide or Caustic soda liquid and [...]

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Caustic soda flake uses

Caustic soda Flake uses in different main industries Caustic soda flake is one of the most useful chemical products and has uses in many industries like: Food industries, Milk industries, Caning industries, Soft drink industries, Sugar industries, Oil Industries, Metal industries, Glass producing industries, Zinc and Aluminium industries, for Galvanizing and plating in battery industries [...]

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