Polyethylene Wax Production

Waxes are solids that become liquid with low viscosity as the temperature rises. Waxes are often long chains of organic materials that have a melting range and no melting point. If the wax is completely pure and refined, it is completely dry and brittle. Polyethylene wax is a very low molecular weight WAX, which is mainly [...]

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Polyethylene Wax Uses In Masterbatch

Advantage Of Using Polyethylene Wax in Masterbatch In the production of colored plastic industries, there are many problems in terms of color uniformity and stainlessness of the final product, which are related to pigments and color pigments. Pigmented powders for the production of color Masterbatches can cause problems such as Destructive effects on the mechanical properties [...]

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Polyethylene Wax Applications

What Are Polyethylene Wax or PE WAX Applications? Waxes are solids that become liquid with low viscosity when the temperature rises. Waxes are often long chains of organic materials that have a melting range and no specific melting point. The deformation of waxes due to temperature changes is a very important factor in their applications. Waxes [...]

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PE WAX (Polyethylene Wax) VS Paraffin Wax

PE WAX (Polyethylene wax) is a low molecular weight polyethylene that is well known as Polymer Wax. Polyethylene Wax has most useful Wax features such as: Low molecular weight, Low viscosity, High hardness, and High melting point. These features of PE WAX made it good choice as an additive and Lubricant in a lot of [...]

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What is LABSA?

LABSA 96% (Linear Alkyl benzene Sulfonic Acid), is the active material at the anionic level that has  good power to clean and foaming effect in detergents. The physical appearance is brown liquid form, Its non-volatile material with power of absorb moisture and when dissolved in water, it has a bad and unpleasant odor. Linear Alkyl benzene [...]

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Caustic Soda Flake Analysis

Caustic soda flake Analysis of PETRO-ACC would be between 98% till 99% and its According last international standard. we will guarantee our Caustic soda flake (Caustic soda pearl) that have no impurity with best packing quality with lowest air penetration, Our Caustic soda flake produced from Caustic soda liquid and Doses would be according Most [...]

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Caustic soda flake packing

Caustic soda flake packing have different kind but there is very important item that must noted, this item is transporting and storing the sodium hydroxide flake if packing of sodium hydroxide flake have low quality the moisture of weather will penetrate into sodium hydroxide packing so the caustic soda flake will stick together and will [...]

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Caustic soda flake Production

Caustic soda flake production process mostly would be from electrolysis of aqueous solution of Na Cl or Brine in one kind of electrolytic containers. For example in Mercury cell process will using from a stream of mercury as Cathode and produced Sodium will combine with water and will produce Sodium hydroxide or Caustic soda liquid and [...]

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