What is LABSA?

//What is LABSA?

What is LABSA?

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LABSA 96% (Linear Alkyl benzene Sulfonic Acid), is the active material at the anionic level that has  good power to clean and foaming effect in detergents. The physical appearance is brown liquid form, Its non-volatile material with power of absorb moisture and when dissolved in water, it has a bad and unpleasant odor.

Linear Alkyl benzene Sulfonic Acid 96% is a very important material in the detergent industry because it’s soluble in water and alcohol and insoluble in non-polar solvents.

LABSA also well known by other names such as Lowell Benzene Sulfonate, Two Decyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, LABS, LAS, DDBSA, Lauryl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate.

LABSA 96% Chemical Formula:

LABSA 96% chemical formula would be R-C6H6-OSO3H  R = C10 – C13 that is produced from Sulfonating linear alkyl benzene (LAB).

LABSA 96% Molecular Weight:

Sulfonic Acid molecular weight is 323 g/mol , Free Oil  1.73% , Active matter  96.2% and sulfuric acid 1.62% .

There are 2 grades of Linear Alkyl benzene Sulfonic acid that percentage will indicate the purity of its acid content for example LABSA 96% or LABSA 90%.

Iran would be producer of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic acid 96% and some other countries are producing LABSA 90% grade that have lower quality than Iran LABSA.

LABSA 96% Uses:

LABSA has wide rang of usage in different industries as below:

In laundry, household product and detergent industry

In removing deep oil stains

In car and truck washing

In petroleum emulsifier

In latex production

In production of fertilizers

In the textile industry

In battery electrolytes

LABSA 96% Purity how can be determine?

The best way to determine Purity of Linear Alkyl benzene Sulfonic Acid 96% is the titration method. In this way you must weight one gram of Sulfonic Acid in a 100 cc graduated glass beaker exactly (accurately) after that add 30 cc Distilled water to the glass beaker and wait to dissolve it completely, by this way we can find the acidic value.


Sulfonic Acid HS CODE would be 34021130 that is dangerous goods (DG), Class 8

LABSA Transport Hazard Class:

You should check transportation information’s and classification IMCO Number of LABSA 96% by checking its MSDS before shipments.

You can get the Sulfonic Acid Material safety data sheet or MSDS by emailing to PETRO-ACC your request regarding MSDS or Analysis.

LABSA 96% price changes?

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 96% price changes daily. The price of Sulfonic acid 96% is determined by the price of raw materials. The primary raw material of Sulfonic acid 96% would be LAB (Linear Alkyl benzene) and its price in Iran would be clear by government.

LABSA 96% production and price have been affected by COVID 19 in 2021

In general, Covid-19 can affect the global economy in different ways:

1- Direct impact on the production and demands

2- By broking supply chain and disrupting the market

3- Impact on companies and markets financially

Growing pandemic covid19 among the populations, uncertainty about the future, decreased of supplying and production; Stock market fluctuations; declining business confidence.

Significant increases of demand for detergents and sanitizers have pushed up the price of raw materials around the world.

LABSA 96% Safety Notes:

As you know Linear alkyl Benzene sulfonic acid 96% is one of the relatively dangerous organic acids that you should consider when using it. Cheap price, good performance and essential roles in various industries caused the application of this acid to be high and become one of the biggest popular acids but we should consider safety about it.

LABSA 96% Human Health Adverse Effects:

Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 96% is a corrosive substance. Contact with the eyes may cause ocular lesions and cause severe eye irritation. In the event of such an accident, keep your eyes open and rinse with water for 15 minutes.

If Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 96% contact with the skin may cause burns, remove the contaminated clothing and wash with plenty of water, also rinse the contact area immediately with plenty of soap and water and call a physician as soon as possible.

LABSA 96% Environmental Effects:

This product did not classify as dangerous products to the environment. The the users advised to educate good before working with Sulfonic Acid to avoid contamination of the environment. Due to the fact the Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid 96% has a direct chain, it would be biodegradable and environmentally friendly and .

LABSA 96% packing and storage:

Packing would be 220 plastic drums, with pallet and shrink.

In order to prevent linear alkyl benzene Sulfonate vapors from entering space, you should keep the lid of the drum closed always.

LABSA 96% must Keep in a dry and cool warehouse.


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