Caustic soda flake Production

//Caustic soda flake Production

Caustic soda flake Production

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Caustic soda flake production process mostly would be from electrolysis of aqueous solution of Na Cl or Brine in one kind of electrolytic containers.

For example in Mercury cell process will using from a stream of mercury as Cathode and produced Sodium will combine with water and will produce Sodium hydroxide or Caustic soda liquid and in next process electrolyte will move from Anode to Cathode and by moving across Diaphragm that made with Mountain Cotton or any other Membrane materials the productions of Anode and Cathode will separate from together.In both process will produce Sodium and Chlorine Gas.

The oldest production process of Caustic soda flake process is from Soda and Lime in this process soda in Reaction with Sodium carbonate will change to Caustic soda and finally by evaporating process the Caustic soda flake will produce.

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