Caustic soda flake price

//Caustic soda flake price

Caustic soda flake price

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Caustic soda flake price affecting by different factors if you are active in world business trade you must know that many Items can have affect in different commodity prices specially on Sodium hydroxide flake price one of this factors is Dollar price in producer company country for example when the price of dollar will increase in a country it means that the value of money of that country reduced and it this was charges of local prices will increase for example the charges price of transport, raw material and many other items will increase so finally will have affect on final products price of any factory like sodium hydroxide flake.

The another factor that will have affect of sodium hydroxide flake price would be shortage of first raw material of sodium hydroxide flake and will increase the price of Sodium hydroxide flake.

The other item would be order season in the order seasons the price of sodium hydroxide flake will increase because we will have shortage in raw materials and stock of Caustic soda flake.

Sodium hydroxide flake price normally would be between 300 USD till 350 USD due too buyer destination place, quantity of order and time of buying and all of the items that we mentioned in above will have affect on Caustic soda flake price when the clients are placing order to us.


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  1. Samer Alosh 7 December 2020 at 1:02 AM - Reply

    هل لديكم وكيل للمبيعات في سوريا

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