Caustic soda flake packing

//Caustic soda flake packing

Caustic soda flake packing

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Caustic soda flake packing have different kind but there is very important item that must noted, this item is transporting and storing the sodium hydroxide flake if packing of sodium hydroxide flake have low quality the moisture of weather will penetrate into sodium hydroxide packing so the caustic soda flake will stick together and will turn into lump mode so the quality of sodium hydroxide flake will reduce and would not be use able after a little time.

Sodium hydroxide flake packing must be from two ply laminated polypropylene bags that sealed completely with strong polyester yarnو if using normal yarn for sealing the bags after a little time sodium hydroxide flake will solve the yarn.

Best Packing of Caustic soda flake would be 25 kg PP bags and for keeping away from injuries when transporting its better putting 25 kg bags in Jumbo bags.

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