What is Caustic soda flake?

//What is Caustic soda flake?

What is Caustic soda flake?

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To get to know about Caustic soda flake at a glance we must say that this is like Flake and its color is white and absorbing the moisture too much and when caustic soda flake is solving in water will make too much heat and remained solvent would be Alkali and highly corrosive.

this product of Aras Petrochemical company would be Mercury-free and usable in food industries.

We are producing this product from high-quality Caustic soda liquid that is produced by petrochemical products.

It has a wide application range in producing different chemical products like:

Treatment of food oils

The detergent and soap industry


Oil refining

Revitalizing Ion Exchange Columns

This is produced in two ways and according to the Aras Petrochemical Company production way this product quality would be between 98% till 99%

Its melting point would be 1390 Centigrade and its Density is 13/2 Gram per cubic centimeter, Caustic soda flake have an unstable combination if it placed against the air will absorb the moisture and carbon of carbon dioxide that available in the air and follow this reason must keep in the good condition packing.

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